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We provide business information on manufacturers, suppliers, importers and exporters of various electronic products. The phone number is available for most of the products/companies, for other businesses, the address, email id, website will be available along with product details. We are aware that there are many companies that offer databases with tens of thousands of addresses, but many of them will be old addresses, which will not be valid. Sending emails, SMSes or postal mails to very large lists will often be very expensive and the response rate will be low. Our lists will usually not have more than 20 addresses, but the contact details will be accurate.

Some of the lists available are listed below.

Manufacturers/suppliers of solar products - contact information

Manufacturers/suppliers of electronic products - looking for dealers/distributors

Manufacturers/suppliers of PCBs - contact information

Manufacturers/suppliers of radiation measurement equipment - contact information

If interested in supplying or have any queries , please send send an email so that your details can be published online


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